Mobile analytics

Technology is great, but do you make the most of it when on the move?

Imagine having the heart of your business available to view 24/7 on your smart phone.

We work with you to design bespoke Management Information, tailored to your business, delivered securely to your Apple Iphone or Ipad.

Our 5 stage process is designed to ensure you are left with an exceptional tool with accurate company data delivered to your fingertips.

Mobile Analytics can be useful for all sizes of Company. It provides business owners with an up to date picture orsnapshot of business performance.  This information can be accessed at any time and anywhere in the world (providing you have a data signal on your Iphone or Ipad).

Time is a precious resource and too often business owners do not have the time to sit and analyse spreadsheets of current performance on a day to day basis.  Our Mobile Analytics service provides the solution.

The information displayed on your device is fully customisable and different data access can be provided to different users, all in a secure environment  (hosted on Amazon S3 servers). This means that the Managing Director can access different information to a Field Sales Representative or the Finance Director.


We also fully customise a mobile app

This powerful mobile business intelligence solution transforms your data and data from BI systems into dashboard-style mobile analytics for iPhone or iPad.

Designed To Be Used

With a focus on simplicity and aesthetics, the end product delivers business information that’s designed to be used. The intuitive and engaging use experience reinvents how people interact with information and drives the highest levels of user adoption – which is the primary ROI metric for enterprise mobile apps.

Enterprise Integration

The software is simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and will integrate with your existing systems and processes once they are aligned by Mint MIS. As a platform independent solution the software works with data from a variety of popular sources including SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, OBIEE, Microsoft Reporting and Analysis Services, as well as Excel, Google Docs, Salesforce, and more.

Triple Layered Security

The software employs triple-layered security comprised of Inherited Security, Internal Software Security, and Device Security. Inherited security covers object-level and row-level security inherited from the existing enterprise systems, this includes integration with single-sign-on. The security features include an app-specific PIN, remote wipe of content, file expiration, content recall, and account block. The content may be shared with whomever you choose – or no one at all.