How to set up a new company in Sage 50 Payroll


Note: You can only set up a new company if you have a multi-company licence. To check your current software licence, Sage 50 Payroll v18 – Help > About > Licence Information area or Sage 50 Payroll 2011 v17 and below – Help > Licence. If you need to upgrade the number of companies you’re licensed for, please contact MINTMIS on 01603 516350.

You can set up a new company from within your existing company. To do this:

File menu > New Company > select Create a new set of data files or Select an existing set of Windows data, as appropriate > Next > enter the company details or browse to the required database > Next > check the details are correct > Finish.

Your new company is created and the Change Process Date window appears for you to enter your required process date.

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