Tech Support

MintMIS provides both self-help and assisted-help resources. We have a varity of resources that you can choose from including a wide range of videos for you to watch as well as in-house professionals who are ready to provide the support you need. You can find our videos both the website, and on our youtube channel: 

While we pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems, MintMIS provides an array of resources to enable you to find answers and resolve problems on your own, without having to contact Technical Support.

MintMIS provides real-time support when you are unable to address a problem successfully on your own or have a question that is not answered through our Self-Help resources.

We also keep our products up to date with any new legislation, for example our payroll software and the new Real Time Information system(RTI).


See our contact page for details on how and where to provide with any enquiries that you may have. CONTACT