How can I show the issue of invoices at the month end?


How can I show the issue of invoices at month end?


As well as the budget entry methods available on the Payments tab of the Cost Records, you can show payments evenly throughout the period or at period end.

To change the settings to issue of creditor invoices at period end, please refer to the following steps:

1. From the Forecasting menu bar, open the Forecast menu, choose Forecast Options.

Sage Forecasting v5, open the Options menu, choose Forecast Options.

The Forecast Options window appears.

2. In the Debtors and Creditors Invoices section, from the Issue Creditor Invoices drop-down list, choose At Period End.

3. To save the changes and close the Forecast Options window, click Save. To close without saving the changes, click Close.

Selecting this option means that if you use the budget entry method of Use Days Credit for payment, the days credit are calculated from the end of the period.

For example, your supplier invoices are £3000 per month excluding VAT. You choose to Use Days Credit of 15. The payment appears as follows:

  • Evenly in Period – £1762 appears in period 1, as fifteen 30th’s of £3525, then £3525 for each subsequent month.

At Period End – 0 appears in period 1, then £3525 for each subsequent month. The payment of the month 1 invoice, which is not issued until month end, is not due until 15 days into the second month. Nothing is due in the first month.


Sage Financial Forecasting v5, v12. Sage Instant Forecasting v5.

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