How to transfer funds between bank accounts


This article explains how to process a bank transfer.


To transfer funds from the main bank account to another bank account, please follow the steps below:

Tip: To transfer funds from an additional bank account to the main bank account, use a negative value in the Transfers In column.

1. Open the Additional Bank Account record then click the Transfers In tab.

The Transfers In window appears.

Tip: You may need to maximise the record or use the scroll buttons to access the Transfers In tab.

2. In the Transfers In column, enter the transfer value in the required box.

Tip: If the same value is transferred each month, enter the value in the All Months box, then press Tab.

The value appears in the Balance column.

3. To save your changes and return to the Sage 50 Forecasting desktop, click Save. To close without saving the changes, click Close.

You have now transferred funds from one bank account to another.

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