How to upgrade Sage Instant Forecasting files to Sage 50 Forecasting or Sage Financial Forecasting


This article explains how to upgrade files from Sage Instant Forecasting to Sage 50 Forecasting or Sage Financial Forecasting.


Depending on which version of Sahe Instant Forecasting you are using, it may be neccessary to upgrade before you can convert

forecasting files.

To check which version of Sage Financial Forecasting you are using:

  • Open Forecasting > Help > About.

Note: If the version number is v5.2.7.8 or lower, you must upgrade to the latest version before you can upgrade your forecast files to Sage Financial Forecasting.

To open Sage Instant Forecast files in Sage Financial Forecasting:

1. Open the File menu > Open Forecast.

2. In the Select a Forecast to Open window, browse to your Sage Instant Forecast file > Open.

The file opens and converts to the Sage Financial Forecasting format.

Tip: Your original file is unaffected and any changes made to the forecast are saved in a Sage Financial Forecast format. You can still open the original file in Sage Instant Forecasting if required.


Sage Financial Forecasting v5, v12. Sage Instant Forecasting v5

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