How can I move my Sage 50 Payroll data onto my network?


Prior to moving your data, you need to create a folder in the required location to move the data into. We recommend that you name the folder Company_001.

Tip: If you have a multi-company licence, you should create a folder for each company. We recommend that you call the company folders Company_001, Company_002 and so on.

Once you have created the required destination folders:

In Sage 50 Payroll, open the File menu and choose Relocate Data.

In the Data Path section of the Relocate Data window, enter the path to the new folder, or use

Browse to help you find it.

When you have entered the correct path, click OK, then click OK to the confirmation message.

Tip: If you have a multi-company licence, repeat the steps above for each company.

This procedure moves the Pay data, Pictures, Documents and Archive folders into the new location.

Note: Archive is only available in Sage 50 Payroll 2011 v17 and above.

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