How to record statutory sick pay (SSP) funding from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in Sage 50 Payroll


If you receive funding from HMRC to help pay SSP, you must record this is Sage 50 Payroll so that it appears on your year end P35 report.


Note: Any funding values entered also appear on your monthly Form P32 report, however they are not included in the calculation of the total amount due to HMRC. Therefore, you must manually adjust the total amount due accordingly.

To record SSP funding in Sage 50 Payroll

From the navigation bar click Company then from the Tasks pane click Settings.

The Company Settings window appears.

Click the Statutory Funding tab.

Information about SSP recovered and statutory funding appears.

In the Statutory Payments Funding Received table at the right-hand side, enter the amount received

from HMRC against the relevant month.

To save your changes and return to the Payroll desktop, click OK.

You have successfully recorded funding received from HMRC to help pay SSP.

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