How to post a batch customer invoice


To post a customer invoice, you can either post a batch customer invoice or update an invoice from within the Invoicing option.

Note: You cannot print an invoice for your customer using the Batch Customer Invoice option, therefore you should only use this option to record invoices that you have already created or that do not require an invoice to be printed, for example, if you create invoices by hand or with different software.


Note: If you are using Sage Accounts v12.xx or Sage 50 Accounts this answer assumes that you have the Process Map switched off. To do this, open the Tools menu, choose Options then click the View tab. Amend the Global Settings as required then click OK. Once you have completed this process you can return to your original view, if required.

To post a batch customer invoice

Open the Customers module then from the Links pane click Batch Invoice.

For each invoice item, or whole invoice, enter the invoice details, one line at a time.

Tip: If required, to delete one line of the batch, click the relevant line and press F8.


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