How to view yearly turnover with a supplier


How to view yearly turnover with a supplier


Note: This answer assumes you have the Process Map switched off. To do this, open the Tools menu, choose Options then click the View tab. Amend the Global Settings as required then click OK. Once you have completed this process you can return to your original view, if required.

To view your yearly turnover with your supplier, please follow the steps below:

Suppliers > select the relevant supplier > click Supplier Record.

Sage 50 Accounts 2012 and below, click Record.

From the Supplier Record, click the Purchases tab.
The Purchases window appears displaying the Y.T.D. This is the net value of the invoices, less credits, that you have received from this supplier so far this year.

To close the Supplier Record and return to the Suppliers window, click Close.

You have now viewed your yearly turnover with the specified supplier.

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